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Great compassion penetrates into the marrow of the bone.

– Nagarjuna, Abbot, Nalanda University, circa 140 A.D.

Experience Bhutan
Through the Eyes of a Pilgrim:

October 6–19, 2024

Join us in Eastern Bhutan, a hidden place of ancient wisdom and traditions, peace and serenity. Eastern Bhutan will change your heart, lift your spirit, and leave indelible impressions for you to carry with you.

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Sacred Mask Dances:
Rare and Unique Festival

in Eastern Bhutan

Among the most captivating manifestations of Bhutan’s unique heritage are the sacred Mask Dances, Chham. The most compelling retelling of these rare 8th Century stories and rituals honoring ancient deities, occur in Eastern Bhutan. Join us in this intimate community festival.

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A Transformational

It has been said that “Bhutan could become just like any other country, but no other country could be like Bhutan”. Many of our past tour participants have characterized their experience in Bhutan as ‘transformational”.

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